Berlinfahrt: 9Gs schnuppern Großstadtluft

Veröffentlicht ⋗ 06.11.2023

Von ⋗ K. Justus (9G2)

The classes 9G2 and 9G1 went to Berlin on Monday the 21.08.23. The teachers Mr. Riebeling, Mr. Trispel and Ms. Müller accompanied the classes on this trip. To get to Berlin the two classes took a four-hour train ride. They booked rooms in the “Industriepalast“ hostel. After they left their suitcases in their rooms they had their first activity. The group set off to “Checkpoint Charlie“ a “Mauermuseum“. It is a museum were they learned the history of the wall that once separated Berlin into West and East. Most of the students thought that this museum was not that interesting because when it was finished they went back to the hostel. There they ate dinner. Something they thought was good is that there were options for food. You could choose what you want to eat. For every meal. After dinner they had free time until 10p.m. This applies to every day.
On Tuesday the two classes got up early to eat breakfast. On that day there were two things planned. First they had a guided tour which took about three hours. They learned a lot about Berlin during this tour. The second sightseeing trip was to the “Bundestag“ .The “Bundestag“ is a parliament were the important people meet to discuss what is the best for Germany. Even in this building they had a person who told the story of the building. Between the two attractions they had about 2 hours for themselves.
The next day was the most exhausting day for them. Like the day before they needed to get up early. Their first stop was a boat tour across the Spree. This took about an hour. Now they had a little time before they needed to head to the next stop. The next stop was the “Holocaust monument“. Also called “Denkmal der Juden“. It is a place where you can go and wish the killed Jew peace. After that they did not have time so they sprinted to the train station. The classes took the train to the last stop. The “Olympiastadion“ was the highlight in their opinion. Here they learned the history of this stadium.
On their last day they visited “Hohenschönhausen“. This place is a former SDR prison where people got tortured. After that they had a lot of free time. This time they stayed up longer because they went bowling.
On Friday they woke up early to get ready for the departure and safely arrived in Stade at the train station around 12:30p.m.
The classes thought that this trip was good and that they were ready for another trip to Berlin. Even though some activities were not that interesting they had fun. They would recommend this class trip to Berlin.

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