Die KGS Drochtersen blickt nach China - Partnerschule Anshan - Bericht

China 1

On Tuesday , the 11th of october


We  (2 teacher and an assistant teacher of the Elbmarschen School), Lutz Bendler, Ursel Mische and Matthias Rambow started our  travel to Anshan Senior middle high school situated in the north of China .

The first part of our journey  from Hamburg to London lasted about one and a  half hours.

Here we had to change the time of our watches one hour in advance. After another check- in and another security check we changed the plane and took a bigger one to Beijing.

Ten hours later we landed at the airport of Beijing in China. Here we had to change the time of our watches six hours in advance to our German time.

After a delay of one hour we changed again  the plane  and after one and a half hours we arrived at the airport of Shenyang on Wednesday the 12th of october at about 16 o’clock.

Here we joined Chun , the Chinese English teacher, who we already met in Germany,

and one of the drivers of our exchange school. After a great heartly hello and  warm welcome we went to Anshan. Because of the rush hour we didn’t take the highway but the national streets. First impression : they really have another way of driving ! Amazing how they can do without an accident.

Two hours later we arrived in Anschan where we had  a welcome party with the headmaster Mr Zhou and some other teacher of the school in a typical Chinese restaurant.

Naturally we had to eat in the Chinese way with sticks, not as easy as it looks like especially after such a long journey. On the table there was a big plate of glass which could be turned and on this glass plate there were many plates with different dishes.

We tasted all of them!!  Very delicious!

After dinner we visited the park in face of the restaurant. First we thought there was an festival or something like that. So many people were doing different activities , for example a group of round about 100 older  people were doing a relaxing gymnastic.

Another group of youngsters was dancing with disco music, another group was exercising traditional Chinese dances or sports or you could take some massages.

Finally we arrived at about 10o’clock in the evening our partner school where Kevin, another English teacher, showed us the appartments of foreign teachers .

There we got a really deep sleep!!!


Thursday, the 13th of october


At 7.30 we met Kevin to have breakfast in the  schoolcantine. There were  places on two floors for 1800 students, a dining room for teachers and a dining room for guests.

For breakfast we had different warm meals in buffet form with orange juice and pepsi coke.

After breakfast we had a sightseeing tour with our guide Kevin at the school.

First we saw a building for representation with animal and stone expositions, the museum of the school with former teacher and students, who are now famous and a theatre including over 1000 places.China 2011 015b

Then he led us to the sports grounds and the gym. During the first break at 9.30 there was a performance of all stubdents (over 3000) on the sportsfield : a parade where they exercised their morning gymnastics with music. More than 3000 students did the same exercises at the same time. Incredible!

After break we took part in a very interesting geographic lesson. They talked about Germany , the topographics and the “OKTOBERFEST”. The students were really impressed by the waitress who is able to carry 5 glasses  of one liter beer in each hand; and even more impressed that German can drink so much beer. At the end of the lesson the students who were very motivated had the opportunity to ask something about Germany.

During the following break we were shown some other classrooms. There are 55 students in one class. Their lesson begins at 7.30 in the morning and end at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. There are two breaks of 30 minutes and a lunch break of one and a half hour and two shorter ones in the afternoon. Three times  a week they have lessons from 7.30 to 10 without a teacher to learn and to do their homeworks. An amazing discipline !

In the afternoon the students can choose a club/subject.

After lunch we saw a music lesson where we were shown Chinese traditional music

And we even danced with students in the traditional Chinese way.

The music teacher is a very good and well known singer and dancer in Anshan.

We had a lot of fun.

The following lesson Mr. Bendler coached the football club. We were very impressed about their way to say hello. But I think the students also were impressed of the completely different way of teaching football. Many different exercises to get coordination, condition and technics. You could see they had a lot of fun.

Afterwards we had a discussion conversation about our partnership in one of the conference rooms. Before we saw the offices of the principal Mr Zhou and of the teachers.

After a short break the driver took us to a restaurant where we met Mr Zhou and the others again. The meal “a hot pot” consists of vegetables and meat. We were also served Chinese red wine and later white wine - “Matai” -  very expensive.


Friday, the 14th of October 2011


The next day after breakfast we met Chun and Mrs Chan  to do some sightseeing in the environment to the Mountain Qian also wellknown as the “Holy Mountain of Taoism” in the Northeast. It is located in the middle of Liaoning province and 17 kilometers away in the east from Anshan, the Capital City of Iron and Steel of China. There are over 400  tourist sites in this park, for example

the Immortel Terrace Spot ( China’s National Forestry Park)

the Great Maitreya Scenic Spot

the Sky above Skies Spot

the Five-Buddha Summit Scenic Spot

and      the Garden of Birds  etc…..

The scenery is very pleasing in autumn. Red leaves cover the mountain. It is very colourful.

Mountain Qian has a long history of religious culture. Buddhists and Taoists live in the same mountain, where is the same source of Buddhism and Taoism and there is a miracle scene that                 “Ancient Buddhist temple sit in the woods

while the Taoists ones are along the valleys. “

Nine palaces, eight temples,five Buddhist temples and twelve nunneries are embedded among the unique peaks and green ridges forming an excellent landscape painting.

First we visited the Garden of Birds, where we met a whole elementary school (68 pupil in one class !) .They wanted to see the performance of the parrots. What a scenery and a noise!

Then we visited the “Great Maitreya of Mountain Qian”. It is a 70-meter high naturally-made Great Buddha who is said to be “formed under the order of heaven” and who is sitting among the peaks and valleys, full of mysteries and miracles.


On our way to the next site the “Sky above Skies” we were invited by the monks to take part in their tea ceremony!

Continuing climbing to the top we met the King and his wife in one of the palaces. Then we succeeded in taking the “Narrow Path” between the rocks.

Down we took the cableway and finished our visit with a brilliant photo-shooting with

lovely and beautiful Chinese girls in front of the exit.

The natural scenery of Mountain Qian is unique. It is a fascinating place.

At about 16 o’clock we had lunch in an unusual djungle restaurant.

Back to Anshan we were invited to a real traditionnal tea ceremony. They explained and showed how to make and how to drink tea. What an extraordinary evening!


Saturday, the 15th of October 2011


In the morning we went shopping to a typical market in a mall in the centre of Anshan.

Here you could find everything : mushrooms, sweets, … silk scarfs etc.

Then we visited the Great Jade Buddha Court situated in the centre of Anshan. It is an enormous huge jade stone which was brought under great difficulties from the mountain to the centre. On one side you can see a male Buddha, on the other side a female. Many Chinese come here to pray.

After lunch and a short break we had a meeting for the signing ceremony of our partnership. It was very official : everybody has changed clothes, great words and presents for signing the contract.

In the evening we were invited by Chun and her family for dinner. There was also Mr Zhou and Mrs Chan. We were shown how to make “dumblings”, a typical Chinese food similar to „Maultaschen”.

Fortunately the husband of Chun prepared the other dishes, which were all very delicious. It was a really nice and pleasant evening in a Chinese family full of harmony. We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed it very much.


Sunday, the 16th of October 2011


Yesterday late in the evening we had prepared our luggage for leaving. At 7 o’clock  we had breakfast in the cantine with Chun, Mrs Chan and Kevin. After breakfast we said good bye to Chun and Mrs Chan while Kevin accompanied us to the Taoing Airport in Shenyang, where we arrived two and a half hours later by car and driver.

We took the plane to Beijing where we landed two hours later. The Airport of Beijing is the third biggest airport of the world. Here we took a taxi to our hotel in the centre of the city, where we arrived at 14.30 with some first impressions of this cities (shyscrapers and modern high buildings everywhere).

Our hotel is only 2,5 kilometers far from Tian’anmen Square, the Gate of Heavenly Peace which is the main entrance to the Forbidden City.

After checking-in and a short break we went to the Forbidden City. As it closed already

we decided to take a Rikscha for a visit through the old city the “Hutong”.

In the evening we went for a long walk through the “Hutong”. How many people of all countries, how many shops! What a lovely,wonderful atmosphere!


Monday, the 17th of October 2011


Today we started our sightseeing tour again with the Forbidden City, the unofficial title of the Imperial Palace and much better kown in the West than its Chinese name “the Gugong”. This unofficial title the “Forbidden City “ is a reference to its exclusivity. Indeed, for the five centuries of its operation, through the reigns of 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties, ordinary Chinese were forbidden from even approaching the walls. With its maze of 800 buildings and 9000 chambers, it was the symbolic heart of the capital, the empire, and (so the Chinese believed) the world. It remains an extraordinary place today, unsurpassed in China for monumental  scale, harmonious design and elegant grandeur.

China_2011_230In the afternoon we took a car for an excursion to the Great Wall  at Badaling, 70 km northwest of Beijing. The practice began in the fifth century and the building of walls along China’s northern frontier continued until the sixteenth century. Stretching from Shanhaiguan on the east coast to Jiayuguan Pass in the Gobi Desert, it is an astonishing civil engineering project. It is one of China’s most spectacular sights.

At Badaling it was the first section to be restored  in 1957 and opened up to the tourists. Here the wall is 6m wide with regularly spaced watchtowers  dating from the Ming dynasty. It follows the highest contours of a steep range of hills, forming a formidable defence. What an impression and an athmosphere!

After a long walk and fantastic view we returned to our hotel through the traffic of Beijing

which is very exciting for European people. But at least they already have traces on the streets. Back to the hotel we had dinner and prepared our baggage for the next day.


Tuesday, the 18th of October 2011


At 7 o’clock we had to leave the hotel and went to the airport by taxi. 2 hours before our plane started we checked in and left Beijing punctually at 11.15. Ten hours lasted our flight to London Heathrow, 2. biggest airport of the world, where we arrived at about 16 o’clock.

Another check-in, another security check. Unfortunately, there was a delay of 1and a half hour to our plane to HH Fuhlsbüttel. This flight lasted only one hour. We arrived at 22.30 in HH  and were back to Drochtersen at midnight.


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